Link keywords and PageUrlsFollowingSiteSearch


I am new here and I am doing a research on Piwik.

I know that piwik is able to track the keywords search by visitor using internal search, and it is also able to track the topic/url the visitor visit after site search. However is there a way to track which page the visitor visit after searching an keyword.

For example now I do a search the keyword is “apple” and there are 10 results come out. However I just visit one result “” of the 10 results. Will piwik be able to track that, after a visitor search “apple”, he visit “” ?

Yes, this is what we call “Pages following a site search” - see in our glossary:

Page Titles Following a Site Search (Actions)

When visitors search on your website, they are looking for a particular page, content, product, or service. This report lists the pages that were clicked the most after an internal search. In other words, the list of pages the most searched for by visitors already on your website.
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