Link/integrate Matomo to marketingtool

Hello, I’m new to Matomo and would like to know if there is a marketingtool like f.i. where I can link/integrate Matomo to.

Hi @Mol4
Do you want the marketing tool gets data from Matomo or Matomo gets data from the marketing tool?
Did you also ask the marketing tool support / forum if they have such feature?

Hello Philippe,
Thanks for your quik reaction!
The tool I use can’t make a connection with Matomo.
I want the marketingtool to get the data from Matomo.
I know there are several marketingtools that collect data through GA.

Hi @Mol4
Could maybe your marketing tool import for example CSV or XML files?
If so, you could use Matomo API to get CSV/ XML data that you want to import into your marketing tool…

Hello Phillipe,
I probably didn’t explain my question good enough.
I’d like to know if there is a marketingtool (anywhere) that allready can connect to Matomo.
But probably not so I will mark this ticket as closed.
Thanks for your time!