Limiting Segment Visibility

Hi there, we are trying to use custom analytics for our online subscriber based service. We have corporate subscribers who we want to have access to their user/subscriber information only. We were able to “Add New Segment” that when selected, only shows respective subscribers’ information only. For example, we have Company XXX, which has 100 users under their name, so we can create a custom segment that reflects the analytics for these 100 users only…so far so good. We have set these specific companies up with “view” privileges only. However, what we are wanting to do in a custom dashboard is have these company be able to view their segment only. By default, it shows the Default segment, which is our entire subscriber base. We don’t want these companies to have access to all of our subscriber analytics. In essence, we would like to limit what select subscribers can view by their specific segment, without them being able to see our entire subscriber base analytics. Hope this makes sense and would greatly appreciate help resolving this matter (if even possible). Thanks.

A user with view access can only see segments they have created, either when logged in or through a widgetized dashboard, or because a super user has shared a segment with them (and All Users with View access would also then see that same segment too when logged in).

The only way I have found to hide the segment editor is to not show it at all, but you can still use segments created (on browser archive or pre-processed) via the API, either in a totally custom (non Matomo built) dashboard or as multiple reporting widgets pulled in separately to a web page (html, asp, php etc) and built as an iframe dashboard. If you need to widgetize an entire dashboard then you can set the iframe style=“margin-top:-50px;” or something similar and the dashboard would load for that user with their authentication token and load their analytics by the segment you apply, but they would not see the segment editor. They wouldn’t see the date picker either and this could impact on the customer experience you are trying to offer.

Hopefully I haven’t missed your post question, but if I have do post back and I will try to help again :slight_smile:

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I run a business-to-business marketplace where each user has their own dashboard, and I want to give each user the ability to import their contacts, giving us permission to email these contacts on their behalf and then to show the user a tab in their dashboard containing website visitors tracking data limited only tracking visits to their product and profile pages on our marketplace and to identifying their contacts, while anonymously tracking other visitors to their pages?

Is there anyone who would you be willing or interested in setting this up for me on a freelance basis?