Less Sessions and Views in Matomo than in GA4

Hello dear Matomo-Community

I want to implement Matomo on-premise to track users without cookies in order to make a higher percentage of our website traffic visable.

I implemented this for a magento 2 Webshop. I manipulated the tracking code that we track without cookies. Furthermore i had to update the CSP (Content Security Policy)

Altough it seemes to me that the Matomo-Tracking Code should no function properly i see less sessions and views in Matomo than i see in GA4 - in theory it should be the opposite. At least the Views should be more or less compareable right? But still I have 12K Views in GA4 and only 8K in Matomo.

Did anyone have similar problems in the past? Do I have a blindspot that i missed in the implementation?

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me with this issue.

Kind regards!

This isn’t a standard implementation and in no way similar to how GA4 counts users/sessions.

I’d suggest to let Matomo run with fewer restrictions / mods and do the comparison again.