Length of Visites : 0 seconds


I’am using Piwik for a week now and in parallel I’m testing Clicky.

In Piwik, I’ve got a lot of visit with only one action and the length of these visits is 0seconds.

But if I look in Clicky, I can notice some single action visits with a “nice” length as you can see comparing the two images attached.

It’s quite disturbing that the length isn’t very representative of the time users spend on a single article of my website.

I’ve searched the Piwik documentation but I didn’t find a way to modify this behaviour.

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I have the same problem…
After an update (I don’t remember when) I don’t get anymore the right timing for the first single page visit.

I have 0 seconds for the first page visit, on each visit always. For me it would be important to see also this data.

Can someone help me please…
Thank you

(I’m sorry about two post. Something went wrong and I posted the same post twice)

It seems that Piwik can determine the length of a visite only if the visitor make a second action on the website.

Arrival on the page -> Action --> arrival on a second page. In this case, Piwik can determine how long the visitor was on the first page.

I remember once that showed me 10 seconds or 30 seconds… Maybe they have changed something…