Leaner JS tracking script by customization

Piwik is decentralized analytics solution, so the idea is to allow customization of JS tracking script by disabling side features (which one are not neccessary - it depends on the site) such as:

  • link tracking
  • goal tracking
  • ecommerce tracking
  • custom variables
  • campaign tracking
  • browser feature tracking (everything beyond basic information - browser & OS & resolution)
  • support for depracated functions (piwik_track, piwik_log)
  • page title tracking (this won’t get us much improvement in terms of JS size but requested piwik bug url will be much shorter)

It could be implemented as separate build script which will be run from command line.

For example for my sites I would need goal tracking, custom variables and campaign tracking from above list of features. Others could build their own version of piwik JS script according to their needs.

What do you think?