LDAP simple error message

Hi everyone,
I am trying to understand what LDAP is about in order to create educational content about it.
So I succeeded in creating my LDAP server with a database and users within it.
When I set the settings for the Matomo LDAP plugin, I can request the LDAP database as the screenshot shows, so the credentials are correct (I guess), though when I run:
sudo ./console loginldap:synchronize-users
I am getting this error message:
Warning - ldap_search(): Search: Bad search filter - Matomo 3.13.4
I guess my error is a very easy one as I am starting with LDAP but not sure, anyone can help me?

Maybe @SteveG would have an idea?

Thanks to @Lukas I solved it, the issue was that I was entering something within the LDAP search filter, as a result Matomo was taking it when syncronizing LDAP. So I remove the field, saved it, and then resend the command line and it worked.