LDAP Login 0 Users are a member of this group

Our org has been using Piwik for a couple years to analyze and report on IIS logs. Until now, we have been logging in using locally created accounts - but we would like to try to get LDAP integration working.

We are running Piwik 3.0.4, PHP 5.6, and have just installed LoginLdap v4.0.2.

I am able to make LDAP connections but it is showing that there are 0 users in the security group I have specified. Can anyone tell me if there is a configuration issue? I am using the following settings

LDAP Server
Server Name: PHRI
Server URL: [FQDN of Domain Controller]
Server Port: 389
Base DN: [Top level - just DC=xxx,DC=xxx]
LDAP Bind Username: Service account with Domain Administration rights

LDAP Settings
Always use LDAP for Authentication: Checked
LDAP memberOf Field: memberOf
Required User Group: “CN=PHRI Group - Piwik Administrators,OU=IT,OU=etc…DC=xxx,DC=xxx”

User Synchronization Settings
User ID Field: userPrincipalName
Everything else default…

When I click the “Test” button just below Required User Group, it says 0 users are a member of this group. I know there are at least 5 users in this group. Even if I change this group to a builtin Domain Users group, it still says 0 users found.

When I click the “Test” button at the very bottom of the LDAP settings, it says 1000 users are matched by this filter. This seems to correlate to my Base DN, because if change by Base DN to a different OU with less people, the test button always reflects how many people are in that Base DN OU (this is why I believe it is making the LDAP connection OK).

Can anyone advise how to properly configure the plugin?

Hi guys,

Any chance anyone can walk me through these issues?

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i have the same problem here…
Any help?