Layout goals

(hf_bin) #1

Hi folks,

first of all let me congratulate you to this really great project and the impressive work you have done so far!

I have a minor suggestion regarding the layout of items under the ‘goal’ tab. It’s something between a bug report and a feature request.

Currenly, goals are listed as submenu items directly underneath the ‘goal’ tab. After introducing several goals (we have around 50), these items start confusing the page layout.
I’ll attach a first screenshot that displays how the menu is being rendered when the ‘goal’ tab is not active. All labels are displayed as overlays on the current page.

I’ll also attach a second screenshot that displays how the menu is being rendered when the ‘goal’ tab is active. Then, all labels are rendered into the page, messing up the first ‘goal overview’ graph. Can you reproduce this?

We don’t even have too many goals because we haven’t been using this excessively. If I could place a wish, I think it’s not even necessary that all goals are listed upon mouse over. Furthermore, you should be able to select a goal within the ‘goal’ page, preserving the layout regardless of the number of specified goals.

Can you please have a look at this? It’s been really hard for us to use this great functionality because of this issue.


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

This is indeed an issue with the way the menu works. Maybe a quick fix would be to not list goals in submenus when there are more than 10 or something similar? Adding the idea in