Launching gall a social media Analytics Software based on Piwik

Greetings, we are proud to inform the launching of Gall a social media analytic software based on Piwik ( It let’s you track information like Twitter’s Follower’s Growth, Total Retweets, Total Mentions, among others for a period of time based on the user’s selection. There’s the chance to track Facebook’s fan number and other channels like Acymailing -Marketing mail software.- The current stage of the project is Alpha, and it would be great if you can share your experience trying out the software with us. Please visit for more detailed information, and to take a test drive. Thank you in advance. Best regards

This are some very interesting features. Thanks for the work!

Did you think about realeasing them as Piwik plugins?

Nice work. Really good plugin to have . It will be good if you guys create a open source plugin for piwik on social media analytic :)…

Thanks for your feedback,

Yes, we have plans to release gall as piwik plugins in few days. We hacked some piwik files in order to display the charts correctly, so its posible that you need to overwrite a couple of them. We will contact the piwik team to check if it is possible to include the change in the next piwik release.

We’ll be happy to review the plugin and core changes.

The current roadmap doesn’t have a social media feature, but if it doesn’t get included in core, it’ll be available through the (upcoming) plugin repository.

Hi vipsoft,

It will be amazing if it is include in the core. How should I send you/submit the code?

argenisleon, thanks for your interest.

There is some information about submitting your code on the page:

Basically, you can create a ticket with the description explaining everything that the plugin does. Then we will review the code, and give a full code review with suggestions and things to modify before it can be committed in trunk. If you are keen to work more on the plugin and improve it, it will eventually make it in core or as a third party plugin :slight_smile:

For example here is a quick review after looking at the demo:

  • I think the FB widget and Twitter widgets could maybe be a bit like the feedburner widget, with an INPUT field at the top that would let you define the FB fan page name.
  • You mention that some core code was modified to make the graphs work. Instead, can you make the graph work with the current core code (and maybe support only 1 twitter login / FB fan page per website? )
  • I noticed that the reports work for week/month/year they still show days.
  • when graphs open, at first they show no data then the data shows up. Could the graph directly show the data when loading?
  • I think at first, only FB and Twitter could be integrated in core as most users are interested in these two. We could maybe put acymailing and other tools in another plugin.

Let us know, cheers

HI argenisleon,

Nice to hear this, you guys will launching of Gall a social media analytic software based on Piwik.That is good job.
Anyway, can I know when this ‘Gall’ will officially launch and can be download?


Hi nemo87,

We have been working hard to make a very usable/ user friendly release. We are going to release a beta version including the source code at April 10. The beta version will let you track twitter account with or without(only tweets, retweets and reach. Not mentions available) twitter app authorization, manage user permission, see complete list tweets/retweets/mentions/reach per time period and tweet´s timezone adjustment.

HI argenisleon,

Thank you very much for this information.

I had another question, is that this application Gall will release also as PLugin which we can able add into the Piwik app.


Hi nemo87,

Yes, gall is going to be released as a set of plugins for piwik. We change the direction of the project so gall is not going to be released as a whole project anymore.

Hi argenisleon,

Thank you for your information. :slight_smile:


Whats the status of this plugin? Very interested in trying it out. Let us know!

Thanks for the good work :slight_smile:

Hi dotcom,

We are going to release the code in a couple of hours. We are in Venezuela. Here is April 10 08:38 PM. :smiley:
Keep in touch

Hi argenisleon,

What the status of this plugin? really can’t wait to test it now… :wink:
By the way, keep me updated on this yeah…

Thanks Guys and nice work

Just curious… where should I keep an eye out for the release? on your website or this thread?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi dotcom and everyone,

We are just releasing the source code of Gall. Just go to, download the source code, follow the instructions and enjoy :).

You can go to the forums if you need some help!

argenisleon, thanks for the release. I look forward to trying it :slight_smile:

I can not understand how you look at ref links and tweet details, or it has not yet Completed?

Hi boris,

Could you please me a little more specific? You can view tweets in a specific time just clicking in the chart. If you are not viewing any tweet then you have wait to the datamining script to run.