Latest PHP Version 5.4

Our stats go out every time our servers are updated because they are updating to the latest php version 5.4 automatically and piwik does not work, gets invalid directive. I have to call every time and get them to back the version of php down to 5.3 to get up and running again. Is piwik going to support php 5.4 anytime soon? Thanks, love you product!

Which version of Piwik are you using? Piwik 2.X should fully support PHP > 5.3.

I am on the very latest version of Piwik. My ISP tells me that when they go to 5.4 is does not work. It gets “Invalid Directive” and will not open at all I can see that right away. They re-install 5.3 php and it works again as normal. Thanks.

We are running all tests on PHP 5.4, so that should work, indeed.
Do you have any error message occurring in the PHP Log or something like that?
What exactly do you mean with “Invalid Directive”? That sound more like an Apache error than PHP.

Thank you for your response. It is working now (this error happened a week ago), so I cannot provide what you need currently. If you tell me what you need and what directory that would be in, the next time it happens I will capture and provide exactly what you need. Thank you again for your response.