Last year archive?

(MatthieuB) #1

I use Piwik for quite a while and i am very satisfied by it !

However, there’s point i don’t understand, ilt’ impossible to go back more than 1 year in the past.

I am pretty sure it’s for database size limitation but for a client i have, size doesn’t matter…

What matter’s most is the possibility to compare last year number with this years has he is in a seasonal business…

Maybe it’s a bug or there is an hidden parameter that i didn’t find.

Thanks for all the good work and complete apology for my bad english ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Thomas Seifert) #2

You can go back to every year where you have data for.
Maybe you don’t have data for more than one year back?

(MatthieuB) #3

Ok, very glad to herre that !

My bad, i guess i started a little bit later than i thought…
I get confused because the ‘piwik_archive_blob_2010_01’ exists and has 20804 lines in it and i can’t get earlier than may.
Probably some test or something…

I feel really sorry wasting your time ! ^^