Last Successful Archiving Completion error


I am getting the following error:

Last Successful Archiving Completion Archiving has not yet run successfully.

Please check that you have setup a crontab calling the core:archive console command, and that you have configured a MAILTO to receive errors by email if archiving fails. You can also try to run the console command to archive your reports manually: /home/example/public_html/matomo/console core:archive . Learn more.

I have the following cron job setup in my cPanel:

24 * * * * /usr/bin/php -f /home/conceita/public_html/matomo/console core:archive > /home/conceita/matomo-archive-output.log 2> /home/conceita/matomo-archive-errors.log

It is also important to note that I have Archive reports when viewed from the browser setting set to off and Archive reports at most every X seconds set to 3600.

What should I do to resolve this without console access?

Maybe one archive process did not succeded…
Can you check on the Matomo server log?

The error log is empty