Large margin between Facebook Ad Click and Piwik Stats

At the moment we are running Facebook Ads with like to a webpage. However we realized a large margin between the clicks the Facebook ad manager display and the click on the webpage from Facebook.

Facebook: 338 clicks
Piwik: 79 clicks

See attached file - areas with the red dot.

Anybody have a clue why Piwik does not count that many referes from Facebooks?


Im going to speculate a bit here as this is a bit of on issue of comparing 2 different systems yes they have similarities but they are different.

One factor that may cause the disparity is that the user when clicking the link too quickly exits the site and does not allow piwik to process the entire image capture of data. If the click to and exit off site is quick enough some of the piwik data capture is not given time to process.

To compare to google or omniture if you want to get more accurate click through rates then i recommend you use CID or UTM codes in the referring URLs so that you can begin to do campaign analysis.

This is a huge difference and I certainly would expect a much smaller difference.

Do you use another tracking package on your site, to compare with Piwik?

What would be great would be to look at your server ACCESS logs and grep for “” to check how many referrers you REALLY got from facebook. then we could try understand why they would not all be tracked by piwik…