Keywords missing from search engines after upgrade to v1.5.1


Hi there, I am facing a problem with piwik on a certain website since I upgraded to version 1.5.1.

The problem is with the keywords that seam not to show up at all for most visits that come from Google. 6 out of 10 visits from Google as referrer have no keywords. I checked the .htaccess for any weird entries and things look clear to me. I got no idea what to do, I thought of re-installing. Weird is that same day I upgraded more sites that do not face this problem.

Any idea of what I could do to solve this ?

Thanks and congrats for the software.

If I mouse-over a referrer in piwik with the keywords missing, I can truly see in FF something like this: Зображення Google


I see no help on this one,
at least is there any way to keep the database and do a fresh install without losing stat data ?

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(What version of Firefox are you using? I don’t think Piwik has been extensively tested with the latest version.) Can you try with a different browser?

Since the hover text is displaying correctly, it’s probably not a database problem. Probably some encoding issue when the HTML for the data table is generated. Can you see what the DOM looks like with Firebug?


oh ok let me check didn’t think of that !

using ff 6.2


ok so I am on a win7 machine right now and tested on:

FF 6.0.2
Google Chrome v14.0.835.186
IE9 v9.0.8112.16421 64bit
Opera v11.51
Safari 5.1 (7534.50)

same problem on all.

What shall I look for in firebug/DOM ?


want access to take a look >?

Edit 2:
by the way, the keywords widget as well as the Referrers > Search Engines & Keywords section show nothing for today, although I can see keywords on mouse-over on Visitors in Real Time widget


So, is there no solution to this one ? Does that mean that in such cases I wipe out piwik and start from the beginning hopping it won’t just happen again ? …cause I have done nothing wrong on my own as far as I can understand.

It would just be nice to keep statistics you know.

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PM either Matt or myself with a link to this topic, and provide login details to your dashboard.


thanks ! :smiley:
pm sent to you, please check it.
many thanks

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Works for me. The only thing you might want to check is that you have Arabic fonts installed on your PC.


weird it works for you, once I am checking right now using an ubuntu 10.04 on ff and same result.
I don’t have arabic installed on win7, I haven’t touched the fonts at all.
same result on windows xp from 2 different computers.

this is how it looks to me (check attachment)
any ideas ?

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Ah. This is already fixed in trunk.


you mean its fixed in the upcoming version ?
if there is a link related please give me thanks !

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Google Mobile Image Search not recognized · Issue #2569 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub - handles the changes to the Google Images referrer URL


thanks very much, it looks like after I upgraded to version 1.6 the problem is gone, although I would like to know how I can correct the database, once the previous visits remain the same not showing keywords etc.

is there any way ?
thanks very much, cheers