Keywords in Matomo... How?

HI, I have searched for this, but can’t find anything from the last few years, so figured I’d start a new thread.

I monitor about a dozen sites using Matomo hosted on my own server. It works grand, but I’d like to be able to get keyword results. I do realise I need to add a plugin, although not 100% sure which one. But I also think I need to do some things at the Google end, and here I’m a bit lost.

Is there a walk-thru for getting going with this, or a guide, or something?



Google doesn’t send any details in the referrer data.
So if you want to know which search keyword a visitor used before they came to your site, this is impossible (and not just for Matomo, but any other software running on your server).

But Google publishes a list of keywords that people use in general to get to your site in the Google Search Console. And if you want to import that data into Matomo, so that you have it archived permanently and can nicely view it in Matomo, you can use