Keywords and seachline

(josias) #1

often customers look after my site with different order of Keywords
e.g. “shop drums custom”, “shop custom drums” or so on

Now i whant to know how often the Keyword “drums” was seached.
I think Piwik uses the “Keyword” at the wrong stat. It’s the seachline-stat.
what i need is the real Keyword-stat.

an othe idea was, to have a button or link in Piwik, to exclude myself from the stats.
Maybe with a cookie that will be set if you klick the link.
if that is implemented, you need a link to include yourself again, too.

i hope my english was not too bad, so you understand what i mean.
Best wishes

(Karlsson) #2

to exclude yourself from the statistic see:

Leder-Kellnertasche - my site[/size]