JS tracker TypeError: window.Piwik.getAsyncTrackers is not a function

I’m attempting to set up a self-hosted instance of Piwik on a development server. I’ve installed the latest version (3.0.3), set up my site and have added the tracking code to my page. The tracking code is being loaded and the tracker JS script is being fetched, however I’m getting this error in the console (Chrome 58):

Uncaught TypeError: window.Piwik.getAsyncTrackers is not a function
    at piwik.js:73

If I investigate the window.Piwik object in the console, I can see that the object does exist, but does not have a getAsyncTrackers method. It does, however, have a getAsyncTracker method (single, not plural).

Does anyone know why I’m getting this error, or why the tracker is trying to run a function that doesn’t exist in the object?


I just realized I was including an old version of the Piwik tracker in a separate JS file, d’oh! I removed that and all is well. Sorry for the spam. :slight_smile: