Joomla SEF Links and Campaign Tracking

(James) #1

I"m running 0.5.4 on my joomla site which uses the sh404 Plugin to create Search Engine Friendly Links …

Campaign tracking isn’t working and I’m thinkg that the SEF plugin is causing the problem.

Anyone else using joomla and SEF links?

Suggestions for getting the campaign tracking working?

(vipsoft) #2

What does the SEF link look like?

(James) #3

Firstly I’ve updated config.ini and global.ini so that campaign tracking is using “r=” instead of “piwik_campaign=”

The code is all all current and tracking is in the template footer, everything else is tracking correctly except for campaigns

Links look like this:

(vipsoft) #4

looks ok to me.

(James) #5

Any other suggestions…

in config.ini I have

campaign_keyword_var_name = "e"
campaign_var_name = “r”