Joomla Piwik Component DB

(Stareye) #1

I just have a question.
I noticed that the Joomla Piwik component (Joomla! Extensions Directory) is installing the Piwik tracking data in the same website joomla database (just adding piwik tables to the joomla database)

I feel quite worried by that. Shouldn’t it be better to separate the two databases?
Is there a performance advantage?

What do you think?


(vipsoft) #2

Performance-wise, there shouldn’t be a problem.

The only concern is table naming conflicts. Piwik allows the user to specify a tablename prefix (simulating a namespace) at the time of installation to avoid such collisions. Presumably the Joomla plugin developer is aware of this.

(Stareye) #3

Hi Vipsoft,

In other words, you say that after say 2, 3 years of collecting data, the fact that the Piwik tables are integrated into the same joomla database, won’t affect the access speed of the Joomla related data.

Joomla is not a particularly fast cms… that is why I was concerned.


(vipsoft) #4

MyISAM tables are stored in separate files. Excluding disk space, the runtime performance of Joomla’s tables are largely independent of Piwik’s, and vice-versa.

From a system-administration perspective, you just have to remember that these share the same database, and plan/act accordingly. (e.g., dropping a database, restoring from a backup, moving an app to a different server, etc)

(Stareye) #5

Hi Vipsoft,

thanks for the clarification. You are very right. I was just checking MyISAM and InnoDB docs. Each table is stored in a separate file and therefore there shouldn’t be any performance issue.

Thanks again