Javascript file not found

I encounter the following error in my wordpress frontend installation of matomo

/wp-content/plugins/matomo/app/container_yl8Djxkl.js 404 not found

container_HASH.js should be under /wp-content/upload/

I am running latest Wordpress Latest Woocommerce and Matomo 4.6.0 plugin (free)

I dont’ remember having installed any code manually and here is nothing in functions.php
I think everything has been done by the plugin.

Anybody had the same issue?

Is there any configuration in the plugin about the container ID (I don’t know how WP works)?
Is your Matomo Tag Manager container published?

Yes container is published.
But I am afraid the problem comes from Complianz cookie plugin which handles the matomo script itself.
I’ll try disabling it.