Javascript errors on demand

After installing v 1.0 without problems on a testing system (WAMP) I get lot of javascript errors with IE8 (German version on WinXP - don´t try other versions).
FF 3.6.x works perfect.

It´s not possible to debugg the script because the line in which the error occurs doesn´t exist. See picture piwik-error-1.png.

If I try to use the official Piwik demosite - the same issue !!!
On some pc´s works ClamAv for Windows, no scriptblocker or firewall, on the testing system no av, no fw.

This error always occours if I click on the main menü like Dashboard, Visitors … and it seems if an ajax request state goes to an specified state, too.

Any ideas?


This should be fixed in svn.

It works with trunk-r3308.