Javascript error on Goals page in IE 7

When I go to the Goals page in IE 7 I get the “Error on Page” indicator in the status bar at the bottom and none of the links for viewing by type work. For example, I want to view goals by custom varaibles but the link doesn’t work.

I looked at the page in FireFox and it works there so this seems to be an issue that is specific to IE. However even in FireFox if you look at the developer console it looks like there are several items that aren’t working properly because you get several ‘declaration dropped’ messages.

I’m running Piwik version 1.6; just upgraded last night and everything other than this went smoothly with the upgrade.

I finally managed to track down the error by running the various javascript code pieces through jslint.

Inside of table_by_dimension.tpl there is a javascript block that contains the following:

	var widgetParameters = {
		'module': module,
		'action': action,

Take the hanging common off the end of that (right after action) and now all is happy.

Thanks, see javascript error on Goals page in IE 7 due to unexpected comma · Issue #2845 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub