Javascript client not showing Events or Variables

Hi everyone. I am testing the Javascript client and I have it communicating with Piwik. This event will show in the Dashboard Tile, but not in Actions/Events. For some reason it is not registering.

The Events showed up and then they disappeared.

var p = Piwik.getAsyncTracker(“”, 17);
p.setCustomUrl( “”);
p.setUserId( "" );
p.setCustomUrl( “”);
p.setDocumentTitle( “1111112222222222333333333” );
p.setUserId( "" );

// Not showing up in custom variables
p.setCustomVariable (“1”, “Action”, “Create”, “Page”);
p.setCustomVariable (“2”, “Target”, “/Accounting/Sales”, “Page”);

// Not working
p.trackEvent("/Accounting/Accounts/Contracts", “create”, “temp.doc”)