Java script errors with IE7

See attached file.

Of course we are telling them to upgrade browser, but…

Piwik shows wrong geolocations. We have appr. 2% of traffic from Russia (accoring to Ukrainian and Russian stat trackers) and yet Piwik shows 30%.

IE7 problems are noted somewhere in the forums and also a fix was posted, please use the search.

If you are not using the geoip plugin to determine the real location of the visitor then piwik “guesses” their location from their browser settings.

I only found IE6 ussue here,71242,71242#msg-71242

is that the same as IE7 problem?

Installed Geo IP. Thank you

change :if(a(h.javaEnabled)&&h.javaEnabled())

to :if(typeof navigator.javaEnabled !== ‘unknown’ && a(h.javaEnabled)&&h.javaEnabled())

change :if(a(h.javaEnabled)&&h.javaEnabled())

to :if(typeof navigator.javaEnabled !== ‘unknown’ && a(h.javaEnabled)&&h.javaEnabled())[/quote]

Edited. Thank you.