Java/Rest Ecommerce Tracking

I’m trying to add order tracking to a part of my website where orders are imported and javascript cannot be executed. It seems like the java tracking client does not support ecommerce tracking. Am I missing something?

Does anyone have an example of order tracking using the java or rest API?

sorry if the java client does not support ecommerce, I thought it did. In any case you can look at the code of the PHP tracking client (or the Javascript piwik.js client) to see how ecommerce is used. Also see basic doc in: (but it seems I havent documented ecommerce yet… )

I quickly implemented the missing ecommerce functions in the java api, just for testing purposes. Everything seems to work as it should.

Perhaps this could be added to the java API repository for other to use. I would just have to clean it up a bit.

yes please, that would be very sensible of you! Thanks for doing a pull request to add the code :slight_smile: