Issues with real time tracker after hoster destroyed file system


the hoster of one of our clients decided to move the webspace which contained the websites and the Matomo installation. Unfortunately they didn’t tell anyone about their plan and didn’t even execute it correctly.

After the migration data from last week was missing completely and the database and filesystem was out of sync on all pages.

So much for the backstory.

Today I saw that Matomo behaves strangely. I suspect that it correlates with the other issues because of the migration.

First of all the real time visitor log is not working anymore. I tried to fix it by upgrading to the latest version using the official update guide. The latest version is now installed but the issue persists.

I also tried fixing the issues that the integrated diagnosis tool in the admin panel shows:

  • UTF8mb4 charset
    ** The cli command stopped at matomo_log_action and didn’t continue even after 1 hour
    ** the database is not that big and other mysql transactions on the server, with bigger databases run flawlessly
  • DBIP / GeoIP 2 (Php) doesn’t work
    ** is this the issue that prevents real time visitor log from showing up?
    ** if yes how can I disable this for now to get basic visitors log back?

Thanks for reading my post!

If no data at all appears in Matomo (the visitor log) then checking if the tracking requests succeed (using might help.