Issues with queuedtracking plugin

We are using Queuedtracking plugins set to use redis. We have more than ~3M items in the queue according to ./console queuedtracking:monitor and it’s not getting fewer and it keeps adding items to the queue which has large number of items.

2808222 (0+2807543+0+0+0+0+675+4) request sets left in queue. 3.62G used memory (3.62G peak). 1 workers active.

calling ./console queuedtracking:process , always just prints:

Starting to process request sets, this can take a while
This worker finished queue processing with 0req/s (0 requests in 0.01 seconds)

So we’re still at 1 worker. Increasing the number in the settings (web UI) doesn’t help, ./console queuedtracking:monitor still says 1 workers active .

is there a way we can increase the number of workers manually and process the queue and why isnt the items not being distributed properly?