Issues with email reporting


Hello everyone,
I’m having trouble sending weekly reports to email. I have already checked that all emails are registered correctly, as well as make sure about the sending configuration: Weekly Schedule: Report will be sent on the Monday of each week.
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I did not receive the weekly reports on 11/02/2019, I realized that I also had this problem the previous month.

I use version 3.7.0

What can it be ?

Thank you

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Do the reports work if you send them manually?

In that case maybe make sure that both the php.ini for your webserver and the php.ini for cli are configured correctly to send mails.


I have a similar problem with the weekly email reports for my 3 web sites, one for each site, sent every Monday. I do not currently receive an email report for Site 2, but usually do for Sites 1 and 3. The behaviour has been inconsistent between versions of Matomo and also within the same version of Matomo week on week. I am currently using 3.9.1 (for the last 2 weeks). If I manually generate a report for download or for email to the normal recipient list, for any of the 3 sites, the report is only for that single date and not the one week date range. e.g. If I generate an email report at 3am on Monday for Site 2, the email and download report only shows the stats for the first 3 hours of Monday, not the previous week’s stats. Should I create a separate post or is it ok to leave this post here? Cheers.

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Hi @PliSsK,

I have no idea why one site is not sent (maybe check all php, Matomo and mailserver logs), but the second part (sending manually) is intentionall.

If you generate a report manually it is always created for the currently selected date range.


Hi Lukas, thanks for the reply. I will have a look through these places to see if I can spot anything. Last week I enabled emailed pdf email reports and it worked for site 1 but no report sent for site 2. This week, the pdf attached to the emails for sites 1 and 3 could not be opened. However, downloading the pdfs manually worked, but they are for a different period. I can see why the report download feature was implemented to use the current period to keep it simpler, and to allow ad hoc reports to be viewed mid-period, however this does mean that one is not able to manually download reports for the entire previous week or month, one has to do it as late as convenient at the end of the period, on a Sunday. If I was able to download the previous week’s report, I would dispense with email reports entirely and just do it manually each week. Ideally it would be possible to select the period one wants to generate/download a report for but I realise this is additional work.

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That’s exactly what I mean. When you are on the page where you can download the report, you can select e.g. the last week in the date selector.


Hi Lukas, thanks very much for the tip! :slight_smile: When selecting the desired date range, using the manual email report function still produced emails with unopenable pdf files. I could not open them in either Mac Preview or Acrobat Reader (Mac OS X 10.14.4).

‘Adobe Acrobat Reader could not open ‘Report [URL Report Name] - week April 1 - 7, 2019.pdf’ because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn’t correctly decoded).’

However, the download function as per the previous post does work. One thing I noticed in the pdf report for site 1 is that the download section was spread out over 4 pages, the title ‘Download’ at the bottom of the first of these pages under the other lines of text and tables, then the next page was blank, then the 3rd of these pages had the download data at the top (2 rows) with nothing underneath, then the last of these pages was a repeat of the previous. This did not affect the downloaded pdf report for Site 2 because there was no download activity in that period.

One final thing I noticed is that when editing the report, under Display Options, if I choose 'Display report tables (Graphs only for key metrics), and save and download, I get no graphs (behaviour of this setting has been inconsistent with my installation for all reports so eventually I stopped using it), whereas if I select the tables and graphs for all metrics option, I get the graphs on every page as it should be.