Issues using php console for archiving

I’m running piwik since years on my IIS servers and never had an issue until now after I updated from Piwik to Matomo :slight_smile: so it was a bigger jump in releases.

I always used the command line php for starting the archiving and it worked so far in the past but I’m stuck now with an issue which is puzzling me. I get the following errors shown:

INFO [2019-11-30 20:33:04] 45104 SUMMARY OF ERRORS
var divStr = ‘<input title=“Login to access network” type=“button” value="’ + mplang[’_Login’] + '" name=“Login” onclick=‘setData(false)’ />     <input title=“Login SSL VPN portal” type=“button” value=“SSL VPN” name=“Lo '>.forms[0].username.focus();;nding -->gin”)
r>)“checkbox” style=“display:none;”/>

So no data will be archived.

I’m using the latest release, just downloaded it today. I’m also using php 7.2 but also tried php 7.0 and 7.1 without luck

The way I call the archive script is:
php.exe c:\websites\ core:archive --accept-invalid-ssl-certificate

But I also used the old one which worked for years:
C:>php.exe c:\websites\ core:archive --url= --accept-invalid-ssl-certificate

The only thing which is also new is that I have 2 Network cards in the system now and the SSL VPN button mentioned in the error message looks like the script is hitting the firewall page where also button is mentioned like this. This firewall is also the default gateway and the other card does not have a gateway.

Maybe someone can point me into the correct direction for solving the issue.

Thanks a lot


The archiving cli works by making HTTP requests to the Matomo API. For whatever reason the PHP script recieves HTML containing <input title=“Login SSL VPN portal” when trying to reach Matomo, which doesn’t look like a response from Matomo. So make sure the php script can reach Matomo via HTTP (e.g. by setting the --url=" parameter)

I believe I found the issue… During the upgrade I also switched to HTTPS to make everything more fancy “secure”. With HTTP it is working but not with HTTPS hence why I used the invalid SSL certificate parameter. In the end it was a simple firewall misconfiguration not allowing loopback for https. After activating the loopback on the zywall it was able to reach it.

Still getting an access denied for my MYSQL user even if it is active and running with it on the site…one issue at the time I gues…

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