Issue with the cron job

I have read an article:

If I understand it should be set cron job:
/usr/local/bin/php -f /home/USERNAMEXXX/public_html/MATOMO/console core:archive –https://URLXXXMATOMO> /home/example/matomo-archive-output.log

  1. MATOMO folder does not exist. So, We need to point to the file CONSOLE and folder CORE?
  2. It will generate a log file which is visible to the public or inside PUBLIC_HTML?

Should we out log file outside the public_html folder inside /FOLDERXXXexample/?


You need to adapt the paths to wherever you installed Matomo to. (console is a file in the Matomo directory).
Also you can redirect the output of the cronjob to wherever you would like it to be. (Ideally not somewhere where people on the internet are able to access it)

I try to fix settings in the first place as there is any image.
Is it attached image the correct setting?