Issue with matomo.js and container


Since I update Matomo to the release 4.14.1, I’ve got an issue with matomo.js.

I use some basic functions of MTM, and precisely, It seems the error appears when the event “scroll 60%” wants to be fired.

Here is the error in console:

matomo.js:13 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘apply’)
at Object.aj [as push] (matomo.js:13:127)
at container_WC3rwORo.js:174:281
at Object.push (container_WC3rwORo.js:48:150)
at (container_WC3rwORo.js:138:32)
at h._doFire (container_WC3rwORo.js:39:531)
at (container_WC3rwORo.js:39:676)
at container_WC3rwORo.js:36:868
at Array. (container_WC3rwORo.js:191:61)
at container_WC3rwORo.js:26:558
aj @ matomo.js:13
(anonyme) @ container_WC3rwORo.js:174
push @ container_WC3rwORo.js:48
fire @ container_WC3rwORo.js:138
_doFire @ container_WC3rwORo.js:39
fire @ container_WC3rwORo.js:39
(anonyme) @ container_WC3rwORo.js:36
(anonyme) @ container_WC3rwORo.js:191
(anonyme) @ container_WC3rwORo.js:26
setTimeout (asynchrone)
didScroll @ container_WC3rwORo.js:26

I did not change anything with the container.

Line 13 of matomo.js is:
aA.apply(L[ax], au)

Does this error “speak” to anyone ?

Thanks a lot if someone can help me.
Best regards