Issue with form generation using the FormAnalytics plugin


We have recently enabled the Form Analytics plugin on our Matomo server. We are trying to evaluate it but ran into some problems with form generation. The actual form analytics data is being received for the forms that were found and generated, and we can view that in the web client fine. Our main issues have been getting forms to auto generate, and creating new forms manually in the web client. We have 2 main issues that we have not been able to diagnose and were reaching out to see if we could get help with:

  1. The plugin auto generated the first 10 forms and that worked ok, but since then we have not been able to create any more forms. We did increase the amount of auto generated forms allowed to 50, but no additional forms have been auto generated since it reached that cap of 10.

  2. We cannot create forms manually using the web client. When attempting to create a form, we get an error that reads: Mysqli prepare error: Unknown column ‘conversion_rule_option’ in ‘field list’

We are currently running:
Matomo version 4.15.1
PHP version 8.1.13
MySQL Version 10.6.11-MariaDB
FormAnalytics version 4.4.3

I’ve tried every way that I could find possible in the Matomo documentation to create additional forms, but none of them have been successful. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Just wanted to update this, we did find out what the issue is. A column was missing from the DB. Not sure exactly how it was removed, but running the following command fixed both issues relating to form creation.

ALTER TABLE matomo_site_form ADD COLUMN conversion_rule_option VARCHAR(50) AFTER match_page_rules;

Hi @cguilfoy

In this case, you have to run: console core:update

Did the column add fixed your problem with forms auto-generation?

Hi Philippe, yes adding this column fixed both manual form creation and auto form creation.

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