Issue with Firefox 10.0.7


I am currently trying piwik. However I have a problem with firefox 10.0.7.

I have correctly implemented the JS code on my IBM WebSphere server, properly installed piwik on a local machine.

When I’m on IE6 it works (surprising eh?), So I’m on my piwik installation is good and the implementation of javascript code. The problem is that my site it is not compatible IE6.

In addition, the site will be used on firefox 10.0.7 ONLY.

I look with firebug and “live and header”:

  • I see that piwik to get both the server where you installed Piwik replied: HTTP 200 OK.
  • I wait a bit and I’ll see about piwik, nothing has changed …

I do not understand how it es possible that it does not work while the server responds and the js code is sent … and it works on IE6 :frowning:

Have you any idea? Thank you in advance!..

Please don’t double post…

The problem was due to mozilla that was given prevented tracking sites.
Tools-> Options-> Privacy uncheck (in my case it was necessary to go through mozilla.cfg: privacy.donottrackheader.enabled = false because it was lock base).

hi Athosone,

could you please guide me as to how did you set it up for IBM Websphere Portal Server as i too am working on the same server but not able to figure out how should i integerate piwik with the same. Your help would be highly appriciated.


Hi Himanshu

I simply add the JS code in my header.
In my xhtml page.
(Web Content folder)
I hope it will help

Hi Athosone,

I was more concerned as to how u did setup ur portal server like installing piwik on the server. And then hosting the site.

I have my IBM Websphere server install on a computer and on an other computer i have my simple apache server with piwik install on it.

You don’t have to install piwik on the same server than your main application.