Issue installing on Ubuntu 20.04

I’ve tried installing Matomo 4.7.1 on Ubunutu 20.04.

I’ve used the wget method, and it’s on a LAMP stack.

I get to the database config page, enter it in, and it either sends me back to the first page (where you can download the settings) or (on a second time round) comes back with:

Matomo encountered an error: Maximum execution time of 0 seconds exceeded (which lead to: Circular dependency detected while trying to resolve entry 'Piwik\Plugins\Installation\Controller')

As you can see, it says 0 seconds, as I’ve tried the troubleshooting suggestion (first result when Googling that error). I have also tried it with 300 seconds, and the same result.
I have tried rebooting several times, starting the process over, as well as refreshing the page.