Issue changing Plugin's name in the marketplace

Hello there, while publishing a new version (4.x-dev) branch of my plugin, I got an error:

Unfortunately there was an issue while publishing your plugin Hide custom period ranges 3.0.1:
-> The plugin name from plugin.json is not valid. Make sure your plugin name starts with a
letter, only contains letters and numbers and that it does not contain the words “Matomo”
or “Piwik”, “Analytics”, “Core” or “Plugin”. <-

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Hi @tassoman I think it may be caused by the whitespace as Matomo doesn’t seem to support white space see eg could you remove the white space and try again?

In the marketplace etc Matomo will then automatically add the white spaces if you name the plugin eg HideCustomPeriodRanges

In case there is an issue changing the name let me know and I’ll fix things as needed. There’s a chance it won’t work but I actually haven’t tried it yet. I assume the Marketplace will create a new plugin and the old one will still exist for existing users. Existing users of the previous plugin name won’t automatically receive the updates but need to find and install the new plugin.

What we could also do is that you keep the existing plugin name, and we change the “display name” internally in the marketplace code so people will see any name you wish on the Marketplace but the zip file and the plugin name once installed will still be the old plugin name. This way existing users would still receive updates automatically.

Hello @thomas_matomo, as you noted… Changing the plugin name wasn’t a good idea. I reverted back to the old name but, a “display name” field would be more meaningful.

I ask you if the project can be deleted, my mistake

I’ve also filed a pull request for an updated developer’s documentation about plugin creation

It’s removed :+1: @tassoman

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