Is user click path implemented?

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sorry if this is described elsewhere, I looked for some time now, and found nothing but older requests for this feature, but no update.

What I need is the following: I would like to see which paths user click through, and get something like a tree view, with pages with many hits being drawn bigger, and links between pages showing how many users go there.

Is something like this implemented in the new version?

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When i asked for this the first time (some months ago?), they replied it was in the Live! plugin; wich isn’t really true.
At least not if we are talking about the same thing.
On my part i never suggesting anything about presentation of the data.
On, a free stats provider that i used in the past, they were simply using small icon of different color for each page (color meaning overall popularity of page) they visited and we had to mouse over each icon to see the URL apear on the next line.
Someone then made a new live plugin that could show that sort of data but it was always showing last 10 to 50 visitors data even while choosing another time frame.

I would really love to help making a click path plugin. I work on so much things that i might not be able to give it enough spare time but if i could contribute in any small way, i would be please. Because this would mean that the thing will be available some day. I’m not familar with Piwik coding enough but i know XHMTL, CSS2, a bit of JS, some PHP and MySQL and i’m able to translate things to french.

Maybe a team could be setup someday.

The Live plugin still needs work. We’ll improve it during the 0.5.x series.

I really love the new Live! widget with wich we can see where a visitor came from, wich page of the site he landed and wich other links he clicked.

But since in dont consult stats every days, for me, it’s sad that when we change the date the Live widget still show only the last NN visitors. But for a widget that is supposed to show lived data, it’s perfectly normal.

I would remove the IP line from it and keep that for the new Visitor Log page. That way it would take less vertical space.

we have just released a new feature, “Page Transitions” which shows the path of a visitor from a given page, and where visitors click from there. It’s pretty awesome! Check it out: Clickpath analytics