Is there any way to get heat map or session recording for each individual visitor?

Hi dear Matomo community,

I am using following API to get session recordings.
It is working fine to get the recording sessions.

But I want to get the sessions for each individual visitor by using visitorID. Just like below.


Anyone can please help me to achieve it? Thank you very much for your time!

Best Regards!
Hafiz Naser Aslam

In my opinion, as heatmap is a compilation (sum, etc) of all events, I would say it is not possible. But you could create one heatmap configuration per known user, with the configuration of URL filter for the heatmap (then you add a parameter in the URL that identifies the user)
For session recording, is is possible to filter segment the result by user ID. Then try to catch the http request made by Matomo UI for displaying the recorded sessions and this should solve your issue…

But as this concerns only premium feature, I will let @innocraft reply…

You can send an email to the premium feature support team: