Is there a quicker way to see what page a visitor is on in real-time?

Is there a widget (or any other way) to see in real time what page a visitor is on instead of having to hover over lots of little folder icons?

Hi @zigojacko
You can also use the visits log of today:

(but need to refresh the page in order to see new navigation updates). When using this report form the left menu, don’t forget to set the display date as “Today”:

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Thanks. This will do for now although it’s far from elegant when you have several hundred visitors on the website at any one time. It will work for now but be great to see a better real-time widget one day that would just show the current page the user is on or something.

Do you want to follow some particular user? (eg. the test user, yourself, etc.)

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Yes, that was the idea :+1:

If you can follow the same user for ever (It is identified via userID or thanks to some tracking cookie), then you have to find its user ID (or else visitor ID) then create a segment on this value.

User ID


Visitor ID


Segment creation

Thanks. Whilst this is helpful, my issue was not actually being able to see myself in the real-time visitors so I wanted to be able to go to any URL and be able to see if any of the real-time visitors was currently on that page to quickly find myself.

But following on from your suggestion (which will come in very useful), is there any way to just apply a nickname to a visitor so you can quickly see if a visit is that person/company or whatever instead of having to create tons of segments like this?

I see quickly 2 ways.

1. Add custom dimensions for users you specifically want to identify

2. Add user ID for users you specifically want to identify