Is someone accessing my Piwik

Hi people,
I have a strnge thing happening some of the Direct Entry visit show only a dash followed by the date and time when I hover over them however the url they appear to be visiting is “” (i have changed the domain name)

Does this mean some one is gaining access to my piwik stats? I am the only one with access to the stats so I am a little worried it may be a hack attempt.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Perhaps you are tracking yourself?

Or it is possible someone is trying to go to the above url and simply ending up on the admin page. But is the url a referrer or the page being loaded? Did you add tracking code to your Piwik install?

Hi Nimrod
Thanks for reply, No not tracking myself have cookie turned off. Looking through the visitors log, they are “Direct Entry” and “Page URL not defined” a good deal but not all are " Amazonaws".

Also from what I can see the URL “” is only accessable after login (Could be wrong, hope I am)

Also on further investigation, through another stats program I have in place that has a bit more/less detail about 50% of them are Alexia??