Is it possible to track using piwik without Javascript


Can someone tell me is there any way to track using piwik when javascript is disabled in clients browsers.

If not is there any way to enable the javascript in client browsers before tracking begins.

Thanks in advance!


No, piwik requires javascript in the clients browsers and you can’t enable javascript in client browsers through piwik.


Not entirely true. The next version of Piwik will provide non-javascript tracking using an image. Matthieu has invited developers on the piwik-hackers mailing list to test this feature using the latest development trunk.

See for reference:

Neat, I wonder why his screenshot doesn’t enable tracking in the noscript tag by default.

Anyway, I’ll change my reply then to: the current version doesn’t allow non-javascript tracking but probably the next one style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif.

behavior won’t change, will still not track non JS visitors. However, users who want to do so could manually add &rec=1 in the noscript. This is not officially supported neither made it easy because Piwik will not work so well in this case, as search bots/spam bots/random bots will be tracked and this will result in issues for some users.