Is it possible to track the completion rate for a particular workflow via Matomo?

For an application, I would like to track how many users who begin a particular workflow actually complete the workflow?

P.S. The entire workflow has the same URL from beginning to end

Thank you

yes you can do it easily.

@Freya_jhony Thank you. Would you mind sharing a bit more insight how this can be done?

I would set up events for each of the workflow steps. If you are the developer of the site, you can do that in the code. If not, you can use the tag manager.
Then you define a goal that is reached when your last event was triggered. Then you add a funnel to that goal with each configured event as one step in the funnel.
It’s all “easy” as in “out-of-the-box”. Whether you will find it easy depends on your technical knowledge. Setting up the events is the more difficult part.
Hope that’s a help.