Is it possible to structure event names using a delimiter?


I wonder if Piwik can structure event names in the same way as page URLs or page titles (see How do I control the categories tree structure in the Page URLs and Page titles reports? - Analytics Platform - Matomo)?

Example: I’d like to trigger an event like this: “&e_n=folder%20%2F%20file” (i.e. with “/” as delimiter) or this: “&e_n=folder%20%3A%3A%20file” (i.e. with “::” as delimiter), so that at first, whenever I go to “Actions / Events / Names” in the Piwik UI, only “folder” is shown, and “file” is displayed as soon as I click on “folder”.

Is something like this possible at all? Do I have to set “action_event_name_delimiter” (or the likes) in the general settings to achieve it?

Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions/replies!