Is it possible to show the tracked informations to the visitor?

We’re would like to use matomo as a tool to perform a compatibily study of our web applications.

Is there a way to reflect the tracked informations directly to the visitor on the page the user is just visiting.

Some kind of

You are visiting this site using a device with the following configuration

  • Device-Model: Samsung - GALAXY S7 edge
  • Operating System: “Android 7”
  • Screen Resolution: “360 x 640”
  • Browser: “Chrome 65”
  • etc.


Doing this in Matomo is probably not easy.

But you can use Device Detector (the user-agent parser used in Matomo) and integrate it into your website:

Hi Lukas,

thank you so much for your fast response. As I can see, the device detector is an php application. Unfortunately we haven’t installed PHP on the server where we host the compatibility study webside and also we aren’t php experts. We hoped that there is an easy way by extending the tracking code or something like that and get a response with the tracked informations directly from matomo.

Maybe you can think about this as a feature. Transparency of the tracked informations is a big thing these days.