Is it possible to link keywords to pages they lead the visitor to?


I am new to Piwik and searched the forums quite some time but did not found anything about my question.
Please accept my apologies if this already has been discussed!

When looking at the list of keywords that my visitors searched for and found my site with, I noticed that I can see which Search Engines they used to search how often for which KW .

But what I miss it a possibility to see on which pages of my domain they landed with the KW they used.
For several KWs I have more that one page that would be possible.

E.g. For KW “Key1” I have the pages mydomain/key1-A.html and mydomain/key1-B.html that are both listed fairly well with Google for “Key1”

Now it expected me Piwik to show something like:
Key1 --> 4 Users landed on mydomain/key1-A.html
–> 7 Users landed on mydomain/key1-B.html

but I did not find anything like that.

Can someone tell me, if I may have overlooked this feature or if it is simply not there?

Thanks a lot in advance for any answer!


I would like that too.

In another stats provider i used in the past, it was possible to know this by going to the visitors path page.

Visitor path is not implemented in Piwik yet.

It’s doesn’t have a high priority.

But you can look at the following page to see what it could looks like :

(Copy paste it…)