Is it possible to have unique pageviews, avg time on page and events in one report?


I have a Matomo problem that I could really use help with.

My site has many pages containing news articles, and I would like to analyze user behaviour on these pages. In the ideal situation I would like to have a report containing a table with the following information for every url.

A - The page url
B - The number of visits or unique pageviews
C - The average time on page
D - The number of visitors that reach a certain predetermined scroll depth on the page (set in event actions)

A, B and C are available in the standard Matomo report under ‘behaviour’ > ‘pages’. But the standard report does not contain information about events.

I have tried custom reports to achieve this, but it is impossible to add event actions in the statistics field. So I tried circumventing this by setting a goal for scroll depth. This enables me to track the number of conversions (ie the number of event actions where the scroll depth was reached).
But then I ran into a new problem: the number of conversions does not match the number of registered event actions. My guess is that custom reports shows the number of visits during which the goal was triggered, and not the number of events triggered on a specific page.
Also: custom reports are not an option because it is impossible to add average time on page to these reports.

I’d really appreciate any suggestions or ideas on how to solve this problem. Is it possible to generate the report that I need?

these are also my experiences with events and goals in the custom report.
However, have you considered that when tracking an event, you always track the “Value” parameter with 1? You can then use Total sum or hits metric to count the number of events.
Look here: