Is it possible to automatically create goals

I currently have an ecommerce store with hundreds of products. I have just installed Piwik onto my site. I set up tracking code on my thank you page to capture Total price, sub total, taxes, and shipping by using the tokens provide by my ecommerce company. Those things have all been collected properly by Piwik.

However under goals I notice that for my sku number and product name I just get the name of the token that I put in the code, not the actual product name and sku number.

Is there a way to create goals automatically from the information provide by my stores token? Or a way to provide this information under conversions overview from the information received from my token?

Also, is it possible to also track coupons that have been applied and discounts given for them?


Not sure what you mean by “store tokens”. I assume it is some kind of macro used to easily code javascript using the product details. please ask your ecommerce provider for details.

We started with your example and only changed the product information codes like ss_ordernum but that did not work so we kept modifying the code and ended up with the code below but that does not work either.

I have been going back and forth with my provider and this is the last code that they tryied but did not work.

Any advice would be appreciated.

It looks OK to me.

Can youu please post a screenshot showing the problem you are experiencing, i’m not sure I understand.

Also, you can debug and check your code is OK by looking at the Javascript consoe (for example using firebug in firefox) on the thank you page, and see if there is any JS errors for example

The problem is not that something is happening but that nothing is happening. The sales data is not being recored in the ecommerce information section of Piwik analytics.

The code is on my thank you page and I am not getting any error codes

The code on all of my other pages is collecting data correctly.

On the thank you page, please debug as per instructions in:

Then please post here the output (or PM) of the piwik.php request on your thank you page.

Ok got this problem resolved, I was using a coupon variable but didn’t have it defined in the code.

All is well now.

Thanks for your help!