Is it possible to apply new IP or URL parameters exclusions to existing data?


Is it possible to apply new IP or URL parameters exclusions to existing data?

e.g. I found some IPs and URL parameters that should be excluded, however, I have a few weeks of data logged that did not excluded them. Is there any way to re-process the data already in Piwik’s database to apply these new exclusions?



Whoops, should have read the FAQ more carefully… it looks like I may be able to achieve this using the following FAQ:
"How do I force the reports to be re-processed from the logs?"



So, after following the FAQ and dropping all of the piwik_archive_* tables it does not look like the IP exclusion (or newly added search engine) settings were applied to previously collected data in re-creating the archive tables. Am I missing something? Does the archive creation not consider IP exclusions and search-engine recognition (e.g. is it too late at this point)?

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IP exclusion and search engine extraction is done by the tracker.

If you want to reprocess without some visits, you have to delete those from piwik_log_visit first.

At this time, there’s no way to reprocess the search engine stats.


Thanks for the reply, vipsoft.

The piwik_log_link_visit_action also has a idvisitor key - is this linked to the piwik_log_visit idvisitor key?.
e.g. If I DELETE rows from _log_visit, do I need to delete rows with matching idvisitor from _log_link_visit_action (or any other similar tables) as well, or really just delete from _log_visit?

Is the DB set up using any referential integrity with idvisitor as foreign key?