Is GEO Tracking Possible?


I’m wanting to move away from our hosted analytics solution to a self-hosted solution and my biggest concern is accurate GEO tracking, or lack of.

Could someone briefly explain how Matomo handles this? Are third-party IP databases required? If so, are they updated when Matomo releases new versions, or will we need to update them ourselves, and if so, how difficult is this?

I tried a similar product about a year ago and it was so difficult to configure this aspect of the software, we threw in the towel and stayed with the hosted solution.


Matomo uses the geoip2 databases by maxmind (you can simply use the free ones or if you have bought the paid ones you can use them too).

Matomo automatically updates them in the interval you select. After setup this is a few clicks you have to do once.

If you don’t want to use the maxmind databases, there is also a plugin by the developers of IP2Location, but I can’t promise how well it works: IP 2 Location - Matomo Plugins Marketplace

If you have further questions, just ask.

Thank you, appreciate that