IP2Location in piwik report archiving


My question is that

Either piwik report archiving cron job can use IP2Location or not?


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Piwik by default uses a standard PHP geoip library (on tracker level) and it’s possible to set up either free or premium Maxmind geoip DB, see How do I get the GeoIP databases to improve accuracy of Country detection, and detect visitors’ Cities and Regions? - Analytics Platform - Matomo
Unfortunately, afaik IP2Location is not supported by Piwik.

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IP2Location has been working for me on tracking level and here is link

My question is that either during report archiving piwik uses maxmind or IP2Location or just use log tables for location aggregation reports .

And if report archiving use maxmind then is it possible, report archiving can use IP2Location.


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@Saqib_Ali Piwik uses the GeoIP database during tracking. Then all the columns (like country, city, region) are aggregated during the archiving process to be able to create reports.

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What I have understand is that during archiving process piwik have no use of any GeoIP database.

Yes, that’s correct. See also this one which might be useful when one changes the GeoIP DB.

Hi, Saqib_Ali, I read that you have been using the ip2location DB. Which percentage of localization have you reached? In case you have that information and could share it it would be great! (even better if it is for Germany),Regards

Hi jcm77,

What I noted is accuracy, we have achieved is about 80-90 % ,I think the reason is that GeoIP free file has less records than IP2Location licensed database.

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